June 5, 2013  |  POSTED BY Nancy Garrett


   The wonderful Whitefish Moose Lodge must be doing something right: it has 243 members, along with another 100 Women of the Moose.  If you want a great meal, Monday Night Football, a super Super Bowl Party, to play Bingo, or just to meet friends and talk over a drink, check out the Moose Lodge at 230 Tenth Street in Whitefish, just west of Baker Avenue.  Ask a member to bring you, or better yet, join up for a small yearly fee! 

   The Moose Lodge has been active in Whitefish for 100 years, and the kindness and generosity of its members is well-known.  You may find volunteers serving a Mother’s Day Breakfast, hosting the Merry-Maker Party for the Whitefish Winter Carnival, sponsoring a Little League Baseball Team, cleaning the town of Whitefishduring Clean the Fish Days, or bringing Santa Claus to town for a Moose Breakfast.  An increasingly popular gathering brings together anyone who graduated from Whitefish High School on the first Monday of each month, eating the great $3 hamburgers made by the volunteers.  The Women of the Moose will often host a reception after a funeral with no charge to the family. 

   The membership focuses a lot of their fund-raising endeavors on getting money to help support Moose Heart, an Orphanage, caring for children even through college, and also for Moose Haven, a true haven for elderly Moose members.  The Moose also gives money for cancer patients, or for those who have heavy medical expenses. 

   The Moose members also known for having a good time, and plan to start a Famous Dave’s Night on Fridays this summer, so come join them on the outdoor deck for a beer and some ribs, or listen to good music and twirl with a partner.

   The Whitefish Moose Lodge is privileged to host the State Moose Convention the first week of October this year, and expect between 300 and 400 people!  Preparations are underway for what promises to be a boost to the community and to the local club.  What a great time to join this good club and give a helping hand!  Call the Moose at 862-2669 or stop on by! 


Nan McKenzie 


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