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By:  Nan McKenzie May 17, 2014


Motto:        “WE SERVE”


   Kari Klehm of the Evergreen Lions Club is an enthusiastic new member of this fine group of people.    The clubs in Evergreen, Kalispell and Columbia Falls, along with Flathead Electric Coop’s “Round Up for Safety”, recently bought a PlusOptix Vision Screener that is being used locally to screen school children.  The Screener can magically ‘read’ eight different vision problems and transfer the information to a computer.  Once the info is on the computer, a flash drive with this information is given to the school so that each child’s vision is permanently recorded, and if there are problems, they can be addressed right away.  As of today, over 5000 local children have been scanned in a fraction of the time it would have taken the school nurses.  If a person can’t afford glasses, the Lions find ways to help.  They partner with LensCrafters to supply folks with affordable vision correction.

The Lions Clubs collect your old glasses and sends them on to be reconditioned, and they are sent off again to where they can do some good.  People in other countries where they may not have access to glasses must be very grateful to receive these.

When the Flathead County Fair is running, you’ll find the Evergreen Lions near the grandstands, selling water, ice cream bars, pop and other things to raise funds for their club.

Last year, the Evergreen Lions gave $10,000 to Sabina Wisher for her special needs daughter, Mikayla, for the Mikayla’s Miracles and Blessings Foundation. This year the recipient of the Evergreen Lions Spaghetti Dinner and Auction was the ABS sports field in Kalispell for a sprinkler system, equipment, and a concession stand.  They have also given generously to a cancer survivor to help with medical bills.  They support the local Boys and Girls Club, too, and sponsor two local Boy Scout Troops.  Last Thanksgiving, they partnered with the Evergreen School, and made up baskets filled with good food for folks who might not have had a happy day of thanks without their help.

The Evergreen Lions Club meets twice a month on the first and third Tuesdays of the month, at 6:30, during September to May.  The summers are off except for time at the Fair.  The last meeting for this spring is on May 20th.  They meet either at Meadow Manor Community Center on East Reserve, or the Evergreen Fire Hall, call Kari at 752-3473 for information.  The meetings each last about ninety minutes.  It’s easy to be a member, just find a Lion and ask them to sponsor you, and expect to happily pitch in, and make a difference in your community.  You’ll be glad you did! Kari says that being a Lion is a purely selfish thing for her—she does it because it makes her feel good!

By:  Nan McKenzie May 17, 2014


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