Saving Education—And the Planet

November 4, 2013  |  POSTED BY OpenDoor

    Students travel to Kentucky to experience the impact of mining the coal to provide their energy. With mounting pressures on schools today, the suggestion that teachers should also be preparing students to address our growing ecological crises might seem ridiculous at best. But what if doing so could boost student achievement?

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Voluntary Simplicity

October 22, 2013  |  POSTED BY OpenDoor

 by:  Duane Elgin,    A Way of Life That Is Outwardly Simple, Inwardly Rich     Choose to live simply so that others may simply live. –Gandhi What kind of “stewardship” fits our emerging world? When we consider the powerful forces transforming our world — climate change, peak oil, water and food shortages, species extinction, and more — we require far more than either crude or cosmetic changes in our manner of living. If we are to maintain the integ­rity of the Earth as a living system, we require deep and creative changes in our overall levels and patterns of living and consum­ing. 

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harvest basket

Autumn is Upon Us

October 21, 2013  |  POSTED BY OpenDoor

 from:  Andrea Withey   Some of My Favorite Fall Recipes       Autumn is upon us and you may be feeling it.  The mornings are colder and the days are shorter but there is still so much beauty surrounding us that it doesn’t go unrecognized.  One thing you may notice are the colors of fall; the trees are transitioning from green to gold, red, orange or brown.  This is the tree’s way of drawing the nutrients inward in preparation for winter.  This should be an indicator that it is time for us to make a few changes of our own.

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Neighborhoods for Happiness

October 15, 2013  |  POSTED BY OpenDoor

–by Jay Walljasper, How to Design Our Neighborhoods for Happiness    Biology is destiny, declared Sigmund Freud. But if Freud were around today, he might say “design is destiny”—especially after taking a stroll through most modern cities. The way we design our communities plays a huge role in how we experience our lives. Neighborhoods built without sidewalks, for instance, mean that people walk less and therefore enjoy fewer spontaneous encounters, which is what instills a spirit of community to a place. A neighborly sense of the commons is missing.

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Increase Your Garden Yield Eight-Fold

September 22, 2013  |  POSTED BY OpenDoor

   High-Performance Agriculture Can Increase Your Garden Yield Eight-Fold John Kempf, an Amish farmer, is one of the leaders in the field of high-performance agriculture. He has taken a leadership role—somewhat similar to the way I have in natural medicine—in teaching people how to achieve these results. He’s the founder and CEO of Advancing Eco Agriculture,1 and runs an organic, high-performance farm in Ohio.

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Findhorn LIVE

September 6, 2013  |  POSTED BY OpenDoor

  Findhorn is alive in so many ways.   Hello everyone I have just come in from watching the film Song for Marion in the Universal Hall and am feeling deeply both the fragility and strength of the human heart. How easily we can close down to life and how much courage we are also capable of in the face of adversity. I cannot help but think of T S Eliot’s “notion of some infinitely gentle, infinitely suffering thing” and the soft cradling and opening of the heart which is so much a part of the Findhorn experience. I look at the world news and my heart could break with the seemingly endless examples of humanity’s inhumanity. I choose to live and work here because it offers a space for my heart and all hearts to open and I know that Findhorn lives through all of you wherever you are, supporting us in that intention. A world with an open-hearted economic system, open-hearted politics and open-hearted businesses would be a very different place!

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cartoon people

Path to Social Innovation

September 3, 2013  |  POSTED BY OpenDoor

-by Margaret Wheatley and Deborah Frieze   We don’t need to convince large numbers of people to change; instead, we need to connect with kindred spirits.    In spite of current ads and slogans, the world doesn’t change one person at a time.  It changes as networks of relationships form among people who discover they share a common cause and vision of what’s possible.  This is good news for those of us intent on changing the world and creating a positive future.  

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harald andstoryteller EDIT

10,00 Stories

June 26, 2013  |  POSTED BY OpenDoor

–by Tim McDonnell, syndicated from   The Man With 10,000 Tales    Harold Scheub spent his career trekking across Africa and recording village storytellers of all stripes. Now, the octogenarian professor reveals how those foreign tales connect us, and why it’s so vital to preserve them. Harold Scheub first went to South Africa on a safari of sorts. In 1967, at the height of apartheid, Scheub—an earnest Midwestern twenty-something with a stint in the Air Force under his belt and a freshly awarded Master’s degree in English—packed a rucksack and hopped a bus for the backcountry. But instead of guns and ammo, he was armed with a bulky tape recorder and D batteries. Scheub wasn’t after big game trophies; he was on the hunt for stories.

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The Sharing Economy

June 25, 2013  |  POSTED BY OpenDoor

–by Rajesh Makwana, syndicated from,    Values and the Sharing Economy We are all painfully familiar with the plethora of statistics that illustrate how unsustainable modern lifestyles have become and how humanity is already consuming natural resources far faster than the planet can produce or renew them. In a bid to reverse these trends, increasing numbers of people are attempting to consume less, reduce waste and recycle more regularly.  The rapid growth of the sharing economy over recent years reflects this growing environmental awareness and commitment to changing unsustainable patterns of consumption. The possibilities for sharing are already endless in many parts of the world, in everything from cars and drills to skills and knowledge. The sharing economy is undeniably taking off - and rightly so.

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minerature aquaponic crop-scale

Solar Powered Aquaponics For Apartments

June 15, 2013  |  POSTED BY OpenDoor

Margaret Badore Living / Green Food   Steve Cordova created this small, self-contained fish tank and aquaponic planter with the hopes that it will get people interested in urban farming and growing their own produce. The solar panels power a motor that pumps water to the planter. Bacteria that grows at the bottom of the tank near the pebbles turn the ammonia into nitrite. In the planter, waste from the fish becomes nutrients for the plants. The plant roots strip ammonia, nitrates and phosphorus from the water. Clean “filtered” water flows back into the tank.

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