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Viva La Salsa Montana was founded in 2009 by Nelson Barahona

Originally from Honduras, Nelson grew up dancing Salsa where this unique Latin dance is a huge part of the culture.  He lived in Los Angeles for several years, where he was introduced to “L.A. Style” Salsa.  Here he studied at the finest Salsa dance studios in L.A. under top Salsa instructors, such as Francisco Martinez from Dance Family in Pasadena; Enio Cordoba & Terryl Jones from Let’s Dance L.A. in Alhambra; Alex DaSilva, Mike Ticas & Christina Haggerty, and Sergio & Salud.

Nelson moved from Los Angeles to Montana in 2008.  He has been teaching ever since, creating awareness and spreading the Salsa fever all throughout the Flathead Valley and Missoula areas.  His passion is showing people how to enjoy Salsa, encouraging them to bring out their own style and become better dancers because of it.  Nelson founded Viva La Salsa Montana in 2009 with a goal to build a Salsa community where people of all levels, ages, and backgrounds come together and experience the joy discovered in dancing Salsa. The thrill of the movement of the dance, the pleasure received from a dancing connection, and having fun with your partner on stage or at a club are only a few of the many benefits Salsa has to offer.
Nelson’s dynamic style on the dance floor tends to ignite a curiosity in people to try this flavorful dance.  Through Viva La Salsa Montana he teaches weekly classes for beginner and intermediate levels in Kalispell, and hosts dance events in Kalispell once a month.  He also instructs private lessons for individuals, couples, and groups.

Our favorite motto: “Let’s Dance!”

Viva La Salsa Schedule & Events Update
SALSA LESSONS | Monday, April 18th
Kalispell Eagles – 37 1st Street W
7:00pm – Intermediate Class – Bachata
8:00pm – Beginner Class
20 GRAND! |  – April 29th
Kalispell Eagles – 37 1st Street W – Main Ballroom
10:00pm – 1:00am
*Ages 18+ (Ages 18-20 admitted into dance area only – not the bar/lounge)
*To protect the floor, please bring a separate pair of shoes to dance in – thank you

The Eagles Kitchen is open Mondays and Fridays 5 ’til 8! Come early and enjoy a burger and appetizers!
Thank You!
Nelson Barahona & the Crew | Viva La Salsa Montana | 626-367-1943
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Signature Photo Alex & Melanie 2012 Nelson & Amy
Nelson & Maria Nelson & Neysa 2011 Salsa Verde Class 2011
Kate & Nelson & Amy 2011 Kate & Nelson 2013 Nelson & Amy
Salsa Benefit Salsa Benefit Salsa Dip
 The Guys  Veterans Dance 2011
April Dance 2011 Hollywood Salsa 2011
Hot Salsa Missoula Dance
Nelson & Amy Nelson & Courtney
Nelson & Dominique Vday Dance 2011

Kalispell Eagles Club – 37 1st Street West, Kalispell MT