What is CLT?
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Cross Laminated Timber panels consist of perpendicular layers of finger jointed boards glued and pressed.  These boards are machine stress-rated and kiln dried.  CLT is defined as solid panels of wood engineered for strength through laminations of different layers. The panels vary in size but can range upwards of 64 by 8 feet and can be of any thickness from a few inches to 16 inches or more. Ultimately these are very large, very dense solid panels of wood. These massive timber products offer significant benefits over light wood frame techniques in terms of fire, acoustic performance, and structural performance, scale, material stability and construction efficiency.

Cross Laminated Timber’s first known use was by the Egyptians in the 1st century during the construction of the pyramids.  1400 years ago tall pagodas in Japan were built to 19 stories in wood and still stand today in high seismic, wet climate environments.  Modern day CLT was introduced in the mid 1990’s in Austria and Germany.  With the help of the green building movement, in the early 2000’s, CLT construction has increased in popularity and spread throughout Europe.

Cross Laminated Timber is well-established in Europe, but implementation in Canada and the United Stated has just begun.  The founding partners of Cross-lam Timber Solutions designed, engineered, coordinated panel layout design and managed the erection of the first ALL CLT building introduced to the United States in Whitefish Montana.