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FRESH pasta! VIVID texture & taste!  REAL food!

Earth Angel Organics pastas provide a dietary solution for common allergies and health challenges.  Our  gluten-free, wheat-free and egg-free pasta is easily digested and assimilated by most people.  Additionally, its ambitious nutrient profile elevates it to a “health-promoting wholesome pasta” that is beneficial for everyone.

Pastas with Nutritional Benefits

A plethora of beneficial whole grain, organic, plant-based complex carbohydrates and fibers are incorporated into our pasta to maximize health benefits. Beta-carotene, omega 3’s, balanced protein, amino acids and fiber headline our nutritional profile. This wholesome pasta fills the nutritional void of traditional pasta while providing the comforting tooth-silky texture of yesterday’s noodles.

Meg Lindberg – Nutritionist & Pasta Chef

“I love what I do.  It’s gratifying to realize that I’ve incorporated so much goodness into shapes alluding to be traditional spaghetti, rigatoni, shells and lasagna.   Ahhh!   Pasta…  But not just any pasta…..
Earth Angel Organics pasta!”
– Meg Lindberg

Serving Suggestions for our Pastas

Pasta Handling, Sauces & the Finishing Touches

  • Serving platters should be very warm for hot entrees to avoid stealing heat from the pasta

  • Should the cooked pasta congeal from sitting too long before being “dressed”, simply toss it with some hot or cold water (depending on the intended purpose of the dish) to once again separate individual pasta shapes; then drain excess moisture

  • Handling hints for recipes that require physically manipulating the pasta – such as shells or cannelloni for stuffing or lasagna:

      • Drain the cooking liquid and immerse into a cold-water bath allowing it to cool to the touch

      • Immediately agitate the pasta in the bath to keep it from sticking together

      • Avoid leaving the pasta in the bath for an extended time (more than 10 minutes)

      • Drain the bath water and transfer the pasta to a sheet of parchment paper. This will allow the pasta to “surface dry” for ease in handling; i.e. making it less slippery

        • Eventually, cooked pasta adheres to paper seemingly, as though the union was meant to be. Don’t’ distress! Thankfully, flushing it with cold water into a colander will separate pasta from paper. Yeah! Tragedy overturned!

  • Fresh pasta absorbs more sauce than dried pasta. Dress and toss it lightly with freshly cooked pasta to embed flavor into the pasta. Then accent it with a top dressing of sauce on individual serving plates, passing additional sauce and toppings to be added at personal discretion.

  • Often simpler is best: top cooked pasta with freshly grated cheese, toasted breadcrumbs and/or minced fresh herbs to garnish and accentuate other flavors in your dish.

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Contact us for more information, special requests, special orders, large quantities and questions about our organic, gluten-free, egg-free pastas!

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