All Mosta Ranch

All Mosta Ranch is an established Non-Profit Adoption, Educational Center and Sanctuary for abused, displaced, neglected, or unwanted farm animals and livestock headed for un-warranted slaughter.  The AMR was also established for the Educational and Charitable benefit of the community.  We believe in the “Cycle of Life”, but most importantly, in the “Quality of Life“.
09-14-12 All Mosta Ranch Part 1 Interview Start 09-14-12 All Mosta Ranch Part 2 Llamas & Pigs
We have received many visitors, both critters and folks since 1998 and officially became a licensed Non-Profit Organization on January 1, 2003, fulfilling an obvious growing community need.  The AMR is a small, simple, unobtrusive place, but has the dreams and plans of growing to fulfill this need.  WE HAD 555 VISITORS IN 2010!
09-14-12 All Mosta Ranch Part 3 Goats & Sheep 09-14-12 All Mosta Ranch Part 4 Horses & Mini Horses
The AMR is blessed by the giving, the smiles it inspires, the comfort and educational benefits it brings to others (especially the children!) and the RETURNING HEALTH, CONTENTMENT AND USEFULNESS of previously abused, neglected, or unwanted animals.
09-14-12 All Mosta Ranch Part 5 Billy Goat 09-14-12 All Mosta Ranch Part 6 End of Interview
All Mosta Ranch

PO Box 937

Marion, MT 59925

(406) 270-7513


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